Friday, April 10, 2020


An emergency Order in Council was made  under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act in Ontario this week so that we lawyers can now have Wills and Powers of Attorneys signed and witnessed by video conferencing.


After taking instructions, preparing the documents and forwarding the finished documents by email (see my previous blog), I intend to provide myself and my isolation partner as virtual witnesses to the execution of Wills and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Property.  The client will sign the documents in his/her home while with us on a video conference and will then forward the signed documents to me by some sort of courier.  Once I have received the documents, the other witness and I will then sign the document(s), again, on  a video conference with the client.  I will then prepare the Affidavit(s) of Execution and either keep the documents or return them to the client.  

For clients who can not make use of video conferencing, the advise in my previous blog still applies.

If you would like to discuss any of this with me, please call 613 749-7698 or email

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