Monday, April 26, 2021

Registrations are now issuing under Canada's new Trademarks Regime


Registrations are now issuing under Canada's new Trademarks Regime

Anybody who has filed an application in Canada in the last few years knows that examination is routinely taking over two and half years at best.

So, imagine my surprise to discover an Approval Notice issued (one week after the search was recorded) before even a year had passed, advertisement took place just 10 days later and a large envelope arrived in the mail from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office within 3 weeks of the opposition period expiring containing the Registration Certificate.

Yes, you read that right. CIPO is mailing out Registration Certificates. We used to pay extra to get a hard copy.

It is truly a unicorn file. 



The Winter of my Knit Content (365 Days of Gratitude)

365 Days of Gratitude

2020 was such an awful year globally that on January 1, 2021 I embarked on expressing gratitude for the life I am privileged to live. I decided to do it on Instagram as that would require only a picture and a short explanation. I soon realized that this was not as easy as it seemed. It's not that I'm not grateful for EVERYTHING but coming up with a specific thing and a related picture EVERY day is harder than I expected; and yes, I get the irony (boo hoo, first world problems). But that's what makes it worthwhile -- a daily remembrance that life really is good to me and I am blessed.

Now, I decided to flush out some of my little Instagram glimpses. Number 2

The Winter of my Knit Content


Until this winter I had never knitted anything much more than blankets. But I came into a banana box (you know, the ones you get at Costco checkout) full of an assortment of, mostly baby, yarn and felt obligated to use it. It's leftover yarn from many, many projects so it's tricky. Really only good for small projects but there was a really big ball of multicoloured self striping yarn in baby pinks, yellow, green, blue and white which looked like enough for a small blanket so I did that. The blanket has a repeating star pattern. Free pattern at  Start Knitting Once that was done there was still a good bit of the yarn so I made mitts and a hat to match. Free pattern at  Knitting on the Net


My First Sweater

 In my search for star patterns Baby Yoda sweaters and hats came up. After reviewing a bunch of different versions I finally settled on Cari Luna's free pattern at   Knitting up the parts was straightforward. But putting it all together took some mad skills. In the process of getting internet help I read that this is the knitter's nightmare. Ugh. It wasn't a nightmare but it took the better part of a saturday. Free yoda hat pattern from Shinah Chang also at




Next up, for Valentine's Day I knitted little stuffed hearts in red and white for my granddaughter to play tic tac toe with. I used a really cool pattern available for free at from Amanda Berry aka fluff and fuzz


Well, the hearts were so easy and fun I decided to make stuffed stars for the new baby's nursery. Once again I looked to Amanda Berry and found a free pattern at Ravelry I ended up making 6 stars all different sizes with different yarns -- experimenting with needles sizes and number of stitches depending on the yarn type. Super easy pattern. I marveled at how adding a stitch at one end of the row and taking a stitch away at the other end could change a rectangle into a diamond. Weird.



My last project for this winter was dinosaurs because somewhere along the way the new baby's parents went from a star themed nursery to everything dinosaurs. I used a free pattern from Canadian Living magazine to make a T-Rex. In a couple of places the pattern is incorrect but it was quite obvious and easy to correct. Got help from Marinda Hekel on how to “embroider” the eyes, nose and mouth