Thursday, January 5, 2017

I love d Movies

My view kind of looked like this
When I was in University I had a part time job as a projectionist. I got the gig from my brother who got it from my other brother. I rarely did in-class movies; it was too stressful. But I had two nights a week where I ran the projectors in the booth (safe from the jeers of the audience if things went wrong with the projectors – which they often did). There were two projectors and most movies were three reels, the change over had to be specifically timed. You set up reels one and two before the show and could make sure everything was perfect. (Do you remember those big circles in the upper right corner of the screen? That's what they are for.) The third (or more) reel got set up in the dark and was always a crapshoot. I got paid (a hefty wage, actually) to watch a movie. It was glorious (except for when things went badly).

Going to the movies and just setting back and watching is one of my favourite things. I'm pretty indiscriminate; I don't judge, I just enjoy. I am always more than willing to suspend my disbelief.

The home movie industry (video, DVD, streaming) is a mixed blessing for me. I love that I can watch a movie whenever I want; I hate that other people can pause it whenever they want. That's why I still go to the theatre. Well, that and the big screen. My new 55” OLED 4K is great but it can't compare to the big screen. 

I remember reading that movie makers would have to improve the cinema going experience rather than fight a losing battle against the pirating of movies. Well, let me tell you, they have done it!

Last night I went to Rogue One in Dbox 3D. Dbox is an “immersive cinematic motion experience, which is in sync with the action on the screen, immersing viewers in the movie to the point where they literally feel part of it. ...each and every movement of the D-BOX enabled cinema seats reflects the actions and emotions portrayed in the movie.”(click here for more info) 

WOW! Once I got over the giggles of being jiggled around, it was amazing.

I really recommend this. Just remember it is not a simulator or an amusement park ride so don't go in with that expectation.

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